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Duloz Issue

Duloz Stamps of Ottoman Empire has been printed between 1865 and 1882. The patterns of the stamps were prepared by a crafter called “Mr. Duloz”.  Then these stamps were called after the crafter’s name “Duloz”

Duloz Stamps have 6 different types and were issued both as postal stamps & tax stamps. Even though there are six types of Duloz Stamps some design characteristics are similar:

  1. Value of each stamp is located on four corners
  2. Crescent and Star with rays in the middle of the stamp
  3. Elliptical border and type descriptions.


Due to having quality issues in printing process there occurred various color shades, double prints, stains, offset prints and may other errors.

Some postal offices didn’t have enough stamps so these stamps were cut into half and were used to save stamps. There are also many forgeries of these Duloz stamps.

Although not commonly known there are other different sub types of the Duloz stamps which German Stamp Catalog Michel “Turkey” section described in detail. There are basically shape and texture variations between the stamps.